Long-haul trucking may be a one-person job, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Through the Variant Ambassador program, you can be part of growing a new company and a connected driver community. All you have to do is share your Variant experience with other drivers and invite them to join your Squad. And as your Variant Squad grows, so will your paycheck. Right now, real Squads are generating extra CPM on every mile they drive, and paychecks are growing.




Connect with other drivers and tell them about your experience with Variant. Telling other drivers about Variant is just the beginning. When a Variant Ambassador signs someone up, that new driver becomes part of their Squad. Each Squad is a small team within the company, helping each other stay connected along their journeys. Ambassadors don’t just recruit drivers and forget about them—they stay in contact and help them continue to grow. As the Squads grow, so do the number of mentors at Variant.


Welcome those drivers to join your Variant Squad, growing your team and the company. No more bullshit. That is our commitment to every driver—even the ones who don’t work for us yet. Instead of using traditional recruiters who don’t know firsthand the pressures of life on the road, we turned to the people drivers trust most: other drivers, the people we trust to represent us out on the road. Variant Ambassadors are always repping the company—at truck stops, on social media and at home. And if a driver they talk to is interested, they invite them to apply.

earn more

Earn More for every mile your recruits drive—with no limits on your earning potential. At most trucking companies, you only earn when you’re driving—but not at Variant. Thanks to our Variant Ambassador program, there’s no limit to how much you can make. All you have to do is share your Variant experience with other drivers and invite them to join your Variant Squad—your fleet within a fleet. And as your Squad grows, so will your paycheck. Each Ambassador is paid extra CPM for the miles their recruits drive even when they aren't driving themselves. The larger the Squad, the larger the reward.


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The Variant Ambassador Origin Story

Without drivers, there is no trucking industry. But that hasn't stopped many carriers from treating these essential professionals like an expendable resource. And look where it's gotten our industry—the paychecks are inconsistent, support is minimal, there’s zero loyalty, home-time policies are a joke, and common decency and respect are often nowhere to be found. So, drivers keep searching for something better, which means companies spend every spare dollar on recruiting instead of investing in their driver experience.

It’s not good for business, and it’s definitely not good for drivers.

We’re out to change all that. Hence the name Variant, derived from the Latin word variantem, “to change.” Our approach is a complete departure from industry norms. We built tech solutions to replace stale operational processes. We freed up time for drivers to focus on what they do best—driving. But we’re not stopping there. We want consistent, personal feedback from drivers so we can continue to make changes that improve their lives.

That’s the reason we created the Variant Ambassador Program. It’s a new way of recruiting run by fellow drivers who don’t make empty promises. Ambassadors are empowered to share their real experiences and opinions, because they know firsthand that Variant delivers on its promises. And the best part? Those drivers get paid extra to help their company grow.
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