How the Variant driving experience stacks up against the industry.  

A lot of trucking company recruiters promise drivers more miles, money and home time. But after a few months of driving, truckers often find out that those promises were empty. Not at Variant though. Our fleet management system – Variant OptimizerTM – only makes driving plans that make sense and provides reliable support. So our drivers get more of what they need and less of what they don’t. And here’s the proof.

Driving with Variant for the Long Haul

Driver turnover is at an all-time high, with many truckers switching jobs once a year – if not more. At Variant, our driver turnover rate is 1/5 of the industry average. When drivers see the difference, they want to stay. And we’re happy they do.

Drive More, Every Week

According to the American Transportation Research Institute, long haul truckers drive an average of 1,989 miles per week. For Variant drivers, the average is 2,500 miles, and many drive more. That’s 20 percent more, and 500 more miles every week. And unlike the companies that promote 3,000-mile-a-week jobs, Variant drivers actually get what they sign up for.

Earn More, Every Week

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average long haul trucker’s annual income is $45,260. And assuming a driver is out on the road 46 weeks a year, that comes out $983 average pay for every week they work. At Variant, drivers earn almost 30 percent more per week than the industry average.

Get Home on Time, Every Time

The trucking industry doesn’t track how good of a job they do getting drivers home on time. Why? Because they don’t do a good job. Variant is out to change that with Variant Dispatch planning routes for drivers. Variant has a home-on-time goal of 95%, meaning we won’t rest until drivers are home on time, every time. “Variant offers us guaranteed home time. They just want to know when you want to go home, and when you're ready to come back out on the road." says Steven, a driver for Variant.

Support You Can Always Count On

Drivers are the ones behind the wheel, but they depend on the people working behind the scenes. A big part of the support staff’s job is being there for drivers when they need it. Unfortunately, fleet managers are often stretched too thin and unable to give drivers adequate support in a timely manner. That’s why Variant doesn’t have fleet managers. Instead, we have a team of Operations Specialists that play the role of the fleet manager and then some. They are the sole point of contact for drivers, providing quick answers to any issue or question drivers may have. Operations Specialists are able to give drivers their full attention while the Variant OptimizerTM takes care of route planning. So, when our drivers call, chat or email us, they get a response – typically within 2 minutes across channels, with most responses coming in a matter of seconds. And not automated responses. Drivers get an Operations Specialist who has the power to help them, no matter the issue.

The data speaks for itself – Variant puts drivers back in the driver’s seat.


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