When Variant Ambassadors recruit other trucking pros, they're building their Squads and making more money. 

No More False Promises

“It's common knowledge in the industry that recruiters will say anything to get you to come to their company,” said Variant driver Caron Comas, who has been a trucker for 17 years.

But here's the deal: Drivers are tired of all the unkept promises. The best trucking companies looking for new drivers should be honest with recruits and able to deliver on their promises.

Now, we’ve created a way to make that vision a reality. And the best part? Our own drivers get paid extra to help us.

Drivers Recruiting Drivers (And Making Money)

Who knows truckers best? Other truckers, of course. That’s why we created the Variant Ambassador program.

As Variant Ambassadors, our drivers share their Variant experience with other drivers and invite them to join their own Variant Squad, like a fleet within a fleet. Each Squad is a small team within the organization, helping drivers stay connected with one another along their journeys. Ambassadors don’t just recruit drivers and forget about them—they stay in contact and help them continue to grow.

And of course, they get paid for it. Each Ambassador is paid 1-2 CPM extra for the miles their recruits drive even when they aren't driving themselves. Right now, a Variant driver who recruited 2 Squad drivers is earning more even when she’s at home. At about 5,000 miles per week, her Squad earns her nearly $100 per week in extra income.

At most trucking companies, when you stop driving you stop earning. In fact, driver utilization rate is one of the top reasons drivers leave their companies. Because if you don’t drive, you don’t make money. But at Variant, the Ambassador program allows drivers to maximize their earnings even when they’re not on the road.

Plus, there’s no limit to how much pay our truck driver Ambassadors can make. As their Squad grows, so will their paycheck.

A Personal Approach

Besides making more money (which they certainly do), Variant Ambassadors also have the opportunity to help onboard and guide new drivers, which is a unique thing in the truck driver recruiting world.

Steve Armstrong joined Variant after nearly 30 years in the industry and quickly joined the Ambassador program. He says he enjoys meeting other drivers, talking with them about the company, and recruiting while out on the road.

“I show them and tell them what Variant does for us,” Steve explained, pointing out factors like reliable home time and 24/7 support from Operations Specialists. “The benefits of being an Ambassador and recruiting are exciting.”

And it works, too.

Tracey Lowe, another industry veteran, joined Variant after a conversation with an Ambassador. It was a welcomed change to speak with a fellow truck driver who could give real answers to real questions. Now, she’s proud to be part of the Variant fleet.

“With most recruiters, you expect 90 percent of what you hear is going to be smoke blown, and it's always the same old same thing,” she said. “But with Variant, there’s no smoke. It’s strictly fire. I have finally found my trucking home.”

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