See how we're addressing OSHA Testing Mandate to help keep our trucks, and country, rolling.
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A Message to Our Drivers

Thank you for the critical role you play in our economy and the lives of millions of people in this country. Everyone at Variant is here to do whatever we can to support you. In case you didn’t know just how important you are, most grocery stores would run out of food in just three days if long-haul truckers stopped driving. From monitoring the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and sharing information, to implementing measures to protect your health, we’re taking action and urge you to do the same.

What we’re doing
  • Supporting you 24/7. We’ve put measures in place to ensure you’re supported while on the road. We’ve secured resources and adjusted staffing to be able to be there when you need answers – whether about COVID-19 or just the daily stuff.
  • Monitoring the situation. We’re keeping a close eye on the situation and updates from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other experts.
  • Keeping you posted. We’ll frequently share tips on protecting yourself and other information with you through your Variant app.
  • Providing resources. We’re doing our best to stock terminals and dedicated locations with supplies like disinfectants and cleaning supplies to help you protect yourself.

What you can do
  • Keep your distance. Keeping space between you and other people during this outbreak is one way to keep yourself from getting sick. When servicing a load, try to avoid spending too much time in lounges or areas where others may gather. The CDC recommends keeping more than 6 feet between you and other people when possible.
  • Keep things clean. Yes, wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds. But also clean your cabs and any of your personal possessions that you touch frequently such as your phone. Frequent cleaning with disinfectant wipes can help reduce viruses lingering around on surfaces.
  • Use your smarts. It’s easy to get caught up in the constant news about coronavirus, but keep in mind that we’re still in the middle of cold and flu season. If you have a sniffle or a fever, it very probably could be a cold or the flu. Don’t panic; call your healthcare provider and take care of yourself. And if you do need to get tested for coronavirus, insurance companies have agreed to waive the co-payment.
  • Take precautions. Avoid touching your face (mouth, nose and eyes). Also cover your cough or sneeze into a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Pick your worries. With lots of information circulating about the coronavirus, there are some things that the experts say don’t warrant concern. One of those is ordering items from China. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the likelihood of contracting the virus from items that have been shipped from China is very slim. We’re probably all better off concentrating on keeping clean hands and 6-foot distance from other people.
  • Talk to us. Let us know if you or someone you have been in contact with has been diagnosed with COVID-19.