Variant continues to innovate in new ways, and its Ambassador Program, launched last summer, is rewarding drivers who recruit, retain, and motivate other professional truck drivers. It can be a lucrative model: Variant’s top five Ambassadors are already on track to take home more than $150,000 this year. 

“If we continue on this trajectory, the Ambassador Program will indelibly change the way drivers are compensated in this industry,” said Donald Ramsey, Vice President of Driver Relations at Variant. “There is no limit to how much a driver can earn through this program – it’s completely uncapped. Just last week, we had an Ambassador reach $10,000 in weekly pay by earning additional cents per mile (CPM) on the miles his recruits drove.” 

This type of recruitment model is novel to the trucking industry, but the program itself is simple. Any Variant driver can apply to become an Ambassador. Once official, anyone they recruit to drive for the company becomes part of their Squad. These small communities of drivers—fleets within a fleet—are connected and support one another through Roger, the company’s mobile app. Each Ambassador is paid extra CPM for the miles their recruits drive even when they aren't driving themselves. There is no limit to how many Squad members they can recruit or how much extra pay they can earn.   

Variant recently extended through the end of 2021 a promotion where Ambassadors who recruit three professional drivers win an all-expenses-paid trip to Cancun, Mexico. To date, 14 Ambassadors have already qualified for the Mexico trip, which features Presidential suites and other perks. 

Driver Jon Hanneken is one of Variant’s top Ambassadors and commented, “This program has been a great opportunity for me to earn the money that I want to make for my family while doing what I love. It helps me build relationships and motivate other professional drivers. I have been driving for 14 years, and the Variant Ambassador Program has made Variant a home for me to create a long-term career for myself and other Variant drivers." 

The Ambassador Program is part of an ecosystem of inventive ideas from VariantVector, the fleet’s revenue management and fleet orchestration platform, assigns loads further in advance, maximizes total mileage, and eliminates dwell time, so drivers and Ambassadors alike can focus on driving and recruiting while knowing they can count on consistent mileage and paycheck stability and predictability. Variant also arms its Ambassadors with premium recruiting tools and other collateral to make the program flexible and a good fit for any driver, regardless of comfort level or time commitment.  

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the Variant Ambassador Program, said Nathan Douglas, Variant driver and Ambassador. “Variant sounded too good to be true during the recruiting process, but they have delivered on everything they have promised. I have been driving 13 years, and, coming in as a previous Owner Operator, the Ambassador Program has allowed me to make just as much money here without all the headaches and expenses of being an Owner Operator. 

Variant has more than 1,200 drivers and 350 Ambassadors and is actively hiring for both professional driver and specialized technology and data-driven office roles. To learn more about Variant, including current open roles, visit 


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