Letter from The President

The trucking industry is broken.

Let’s start with the facts. Long-haul driver turnover is 94 percent. Per year. And that’s just on average. Many companies are well over 100 percent. Some even as high as 150 percent.

Carriers treat these essential professionals like an expendable resource. The paychecks are inconsistent, support is minimal, there’s zero loyalty, home time policies are a joke, and common decency and respect are often completely missing. And so, drivers keep searching for something better amongst a sea of seemingly endless choices, which means every spare dollar is spent on recruiting instead of investing back in the company, its products, and the experience of the drivers they already employ. It’s not good for business, it’s not good for shippers, and it’s definitely not good for drivers.

We’re here to change it. Hence the name – Variant, derived from the Latin word variantem, “to change.” Our approach is a complete departure from the norm. We’re here to set a new standard, by treating drivers like professionals and proving that you can tame the complexity necessary to truly scale an asset-based carrier.

And it’s working. In 2019, we started with that simple idea and a small team. After a few months, we piloted a first-of-its-kind fleet management optimization platform with five drivers. We’ve since grown to nearly 500 drivers, making us one of, if not the fastest-growing carriers in the country. Our driver turnover is well below the industry average because when drivers give us a chance, they feel the difference and see the impact to their lifestyle and wallets. And we’re just getting started.

We do not agree with how things have been working on the asset-side of the business. Enough with the bullshit. We refuse to conform to the de facto standard that’s been set over the past 40 years by incumbents with broken promises and stale operating models. Join us and let’s change it. For good.

Cameron Ramsdell