Welcome to the Road Warrior Spotlight Series where we interview some of the greatest drivers on the road and find out more about life at Variant and what makes them tick.Today, we’re joined by Caron Comas, a Variant Ambassador who enjoys healthy cooking on the road and cool views from the driver seat. 

Describe your experience working for other trucking companies before you made the switch to Variant.   

Variant is a night and day difference from other jobs, because I’m treated like family here.  Before Variant, I drove local/regional routes for CEVA Logistics in Texas and there is no real way to compare the two. Local/regional driving is hard because you’re paid by the contracted load and are up against a time crunch in every shift to get the load completed, so the next driver can complete their load on time.  There is barely time to breathe. 

If you had to choose one benefit, what is the best thing about working for Variant?   

Hands down it is the way our Operations Specialists treat us. They treat us like professionals and look after us like family.

Why do you like talking about Variant, particularly as an  Ambassador  with potential recruits?   

I want other drivers to experience the way we are treated hereGiving drivers respect like Variant does needs to become the new industry standard. 

What would you say to someone who is thinking about applying to drive for Variant?    

 Do it and don't look back. You will not regret it. 

What are some common challenges you face as a trucker?  How does Variant help you overcome these challenges?  

Finding parking when we have to run late and eating healthy on the road. Variant doesn't hesitate to reimburse reserved parking when I have no choice but to use it.  They also provide Lyft services to help me go grocery shopping and they gave me a refrigerator and an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) that allows me to store healthy foods safely on the truck. 

What do you enjoy most about trucking in general?   

I love the freedom of the road. 

What would you do if you weren’t a truck driver?   

I was a paralegal for over 20 years before I got my CDL, so I might have stayed in that field. I'd like to say at this stage of my life I'm following my dream and traveling internationally whenever I can. 

What major changes have you noticed in the trucking industry throughout your career?   

Before coming to Variant, I did not feel very respected by the people I interacted with. I also noticed fewer amenities for drivers on the road and a lot more expenses, such as having to pay to park and the cost of showers. Variant helps reduce these personal expenses for us.  

What makes you a great fit at Variant? What do all Variant drivers have in common?   

I would say my level of professionalism and dedication to the company, which is appreciated and does not go unnoticed.  We are all family here. 

What is one thing you can't drive without? 

My cell phone, XM radio, Wi-Fi and all my cooking equipment.

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