At Variant, challenging the status quo is the name of the game. In fact, our company name comes from the Latin word variantem, meaning “to change.” There’s a good reason why we picked it. The trucking industry can be full of B.S., and we wanted a better path forward for our drivers as people and as professionals – starting with how we hire them. At Variant, we have strong core values – dedication, integrity, and equity, to name a few – and we stand by the promises we make to our drivers from day one.  

In the trucking industry, not all companies are dedicated to finding recruiting solutions. But at Variant, we are focused on honest recruiting practices that prioritize our drivers, which ends up benefitting not only drivers, but their families, shippers, and the country as a whole.  

Being honest and keeping promises is our way of saying, “We listen to and respect our drivers because they are the backbone of trucking.” We tell the trucking truth. We get our drivers home on time, offer round-the-clock support from our Ops Specialists, and maintain a standard of open communication to keep drivers at Variant for much longer than the industry average. 

In fact, Variant’s recruiters are the best representation of our company’s principles because often times they are Variant drivers themselves.  

Drivers can apply to be Variant Ambassadors, who use their firsthand experiences within the company to recruit new drivers, providing their honest opinions about what working at Variant is like from the inside. Unlike outside recruiters, Ambassadors remain connected even after hiring is complete – they become leaders of “squads” of their new recruits, adding a layer of accountability, support, and teamwork. This is no B.S. recruiting in a nutshell. 

The drivers who choose to become Ambassadors often do so because we provide something that they’ve been missing in their careers: a place where drivers feel respected, and where promises are kept. Not only that, but the Ambassador Program means drivers earn extra money for every mile that their recruit drives, even when the Ambassador isn’t driving. As their squad grows, so do their earnings. Some Ambassadors are on track to make over six figures this year alone.  

Variant Ambassador, Caron Comas, says that it all comes down to respect. “I want other drivers to experience the way we are treated here. Giving drivers respect like Variant does needs to become the new industry standard.” 

Another Ambassador, Nathan Douglas, values Variant’s kept promises. “I know it sounds too good to be true, and I thought it was when I started at Variant. I was very skeptical about it at first, but Variant stayed true to their word,” Douglas said. “I challenge every driver to give them the chance to deliver on their promises.”  He is now one of our most successful Ambassadors in the program. 

You might be wondering, “If this is something that works so well, why isn’t everyone doing it? The truth is, some recruiters will get drivers in the door by any means necessary, and what happens after that isn’t their problem. At Variant, we have reengineered this process so that everyone has a stake in the success and longevity of our drivers. It’s better trucker recruiting - and it works. With over 1,200 drivers and 350 Ambassadors, we believe that approach is paying off – and invite you to experience how we work from the inside.  

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