When you join the Variant team, you are joining a family of people who look out for one another. A family of people who care. And like any family, we have to work together which is why Variant has revamped the truck driver recruiting process to include our best resource – our drivers. Without truck drivers there is no trucking, so who better to share the Variant experience than our very own? 

Through the process of determining how to successfully recruit truck drivers, the Variant Ambassador Program was born. As a Variant Ambassador, drivers help grow the company and invest in our community.  Our Ambassador Program offers a system of support and perks for its drivers – from new hires to long-time members of the family. 

With the Variant Ambassador Program, we believe we have found the best ways to recruit truck drivers:  

  • Current Variant drivers sign up as Ambassadors to speak honestly about their experiences with potential new hires.  
  • Drivers curious about working at Variant can get real answers from actual drivers – not recruiters who haven’t spent a day on the road.  
  • Variant can depend on a team of drivers who feel valued, happy and excited to grow with the company.  

In fact, The Ambassador Program doesn’t stop once you’re on the road. At many companies, after they complete the process of hiring truck drivers, drivers are often on their own – literally and figuratively. We kept that in mind as part of our commitment to thinking about trucking recruiters in a new way.  

To help drivers feel more connected, Variant Ambassadors act as leaders to their “squad,” which is made up of a growing team of new Variant drivers. These squads are mini communities within the larger community of Variant, helping drivers stay connected when they are on or off the road. For drivers who choose the path of being an Ambassador, the Program offers benefits that help their bottom line. Each Ambassador is paid extra CPM for the miles their recruits drive, even when they aren’t driving themselves. There is no cap on squad members meaning drivers can easily make six figures a year. Five of Variant’s top ambassadors are on track to make over $150,000 this year.  

The responses we get from those in the Program show that the benefits are big – and personal. “Variant is not only changing the trucking culture, they are changing lives one driver at a time,” Ambassador Nathan Harris said. “They have changed my life for the better.” 

With over 1,200 drivers and 350 Ambassadors, Variant has shown that when you show drivers the respect they deserve as experts in their field – through promises kept and opportunities to grow – hiring is just the starting off point for greatness.  

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