Transforming Driver and Truck Planning.  

Approximately 12.5 million commercial large trucks are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These vehicles – and their drivers – play a critical role in the everyday operations of our country and dispatching these fleets efficiently and consistently requires competent logistics teams and modern technology solutions. 

For many years, the trucking industry has strived to keep up with the ever-changing tech that makes planning more predictable and successful. After all, when the behind-the-scenes work isn’t operating at peak efficiency, it doesn’t just hurt businesses, it can also play a role in the success and paychecks of truck drivers themselves.  

At Variant, investing in the latest solutions is a top priority. To help drivers get the most miles and ensure things are running smoothly, Variant’s talented team of engineers and logistics professionals have worked to create Vector, which is an innovative ecosystem of algorithms and services that intake and analyze truck position, telematics data, drivers’ current and forecasted Hours of Service and shipper orders.  

Planning Reengineered  

What does this mean for drivers on the road? Vector automatically reorchestrates the Variant fleet and adapts dynamically to ever-changing events, including weather delays, mechanical issues and shipping delays. It’s also increasingly connected to live freight markets, positioning Variant trucks strategically to satisfy demand.  

Imagine a typical scenario that is handled without modern tech: A driver breaks down on the way to a load. The driver calls a fleet manager. The fleet manager alerts the planner. The planner sends a second driver to pick up the shipper’s load and then a third intervenes to pick up the second driver’s scheduled load. This process means fewer miles for drivers and potential delays for the client.  

Vector automatically reorchestrates the Variant fleet and adapts dynamically to ever-changing events on the road. When Vector optimizes, truck drivers get their updated route sent directly to their Variant app, Roger or other preferred channels.  

Planning Ahead 

Vector also exists for a very practical reason: Drivers want more miles, and efficient logistics helps drivers get them. Variant Vector simplifies planning by staying two steps ahead. So, while drivers are focusing on the road in front of them, Variant Vector is keeping watch of what’s ahead – sometimes planning drives more than a week in advance.  

Variant is committed to getting drivers home on time. Variant Vector always considers a driver’s home time and makes it a critical stop. When unforeseen issues do arise, our Operations Specialist team steps in to quickly give drivers the solutions they need. 

With loads assigned farther out and routes optimized for maximum earnings, Variant drivers enjoy more mileage and paycheck predictability—with an average of over 2,500 miles per week per available driver. That means they can count on their earnings, plan for their futures, and better support their families. Variant drivers know they are valued for the hard work they do.  

Planning for the Future 

Bottom line: Variant Vector works and is continuously adapted and improved upon as part of a core part of Variant’s business operations. The 1500+ drivers in the Variant fleet are proof of the value it delivers. But the team behind the tech is still hard at work. In the coming months, Variant will release significant new functionality and features to the Vector platform, continually improving the driver and shipper experience—giving our drivers more miles and less stressful days. 

The goal, as always, is to keep drivers rolling, so our team will keep rolling out updates and testing new methods to truly reengineer trucking for good. 

If you are a truck driver who seeks the committed support of the Variant team – including its technology that can help a smooth, maximized trip – consider applying for a position today 

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